Property care redefined.

Available Services:


Weekly Unoccupied Detailed Property Inspections        

  • Check alarm systems

  • Check internal climate of the house

  • Check for storm damage

  • Check for wildlife damage

  • Check for excessive snow loads on roof

  • Check for vandalism

  • Check systems in mechanical rooms

  • Check refrigerators and freezers

  • Check spa and pool temperatures

  • Check hot water recirculation pump

  • Walk through and inspection of all rooms

  • Secure all exterior doors

  • Flush all toilets

  • Check breaker panels

  • Bring mail in the house

  • Check irrigation system

  • Confirm landscaping/lawn maintenance

  • Check vehicles

  • Empty ice trays

  • Contract and manage all vendors

Pre-Arrival Inspection Services

  • Disarm alarm systems for arrival

  • Open window coverings

  • Raise pool and spa temperatures

  • Reset clocks

  • Check snowmelt systems

  • Confirm satellite and cable systems

  • Check firewood supply

  • Arrange for pre arrival maid service

  • Arrange for executive chefs in house

  • Arrange for transportation

  • Raise internal temperature of house

  • Turn on Welcome Lights

  • Confirm operation of gas fireplaces

  • Vehicle check

Post-Departure Inspections

  • Secure all windows and exterior doors

  • Re-activate alarm systems

  • Lower internal temperature in house

  • Arrange for housekeeping

  • Remove perishable food items from refrigerator

Fall Property Conversion

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  • Schedule window cleaning

  • Clear all heat sources

  • Schedule HVAC Services

  • Distribute updated telephone book

  • Confirm snow removal services

  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses

  • Clean gutters and flat roof drains

  • Empty central vacuum canisters

  • Activate snowmelt systems and heat tape

  • Pool and spa cleaning

  • Set clocks back one hour

  • Vehicle snow tire changes

  • Purchasing and stacking of firewood

  • Schedule shutdown of swamp coolers

  • Schedule blowout of irrigation lines to prevent freeze damage

Spring Property Conversion

  • Schedule window cleaning

  • Deactivate snowmelt and heat tapes

  • Coordinate grounds care services

  • Activate irrigation and swamp coolers

  • Schedule pool and spa cleaning

  • Schedule necessary pool/spa service

  • Empty central vacuum canisters

  • Set clocks ahead one hour